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Bug /Garden Themed Party




First you start with a cute little birthday bug and then create off some great invitations!

Upon arrival, adorn each guest with a bug antennae headband.

These are simple to make with a headband, pipe cleaners and Styrofoam balls.Use different colors like bright green, blue, orange, yellow and purple. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the headband and secure with a little hot glue. Curl the pipe cleaner around pencil and insert the end into the ball. 
Secure it also with hot glue. This can also be used for a craft at the party.

You can also purchase flower shaped headbands at Dollarama. 






    • A great idea is to have the party as an afternoon picnic held in your back yard....what a better way to celebrate a bug birthday then to have real ones join you!
    • Purchase garden theme stuff and then had bugs (butterflies,ladybugs,bees) and from the ceiling. 
    • Red /white checkered table cloth covered with plastic/rubber bugs - scatter those bugs everywhere!
    • Create centerpieces using brightly colored tin buckets and 3 multicoloured pinwheels. A little green tissue paper grass adds a finishing touch!
    • Hang bright colourfull paper pom pom flowers above table (make from tissue paper or purchase from party store) or flower shaped balloons. These flower shaped balloons are so simple to make...simply take the balloons and twist them together!  I've done them...ask me how!
    • Balloons with bugs and have them blown up and put around. They have cute mylar bug balloons at local party stores and my favorite place...Dollarama!
    • Embellish rolled black napkins with napkin rings made from a strip of cardstock and a foam ladybug or other bug (can be found at Michaels)
    • Decorate solid red paper cups with round black stickers to look like ladybug cups. Use these as drink cups for kids, or as cute containers.
    • Make a centrepiece out of artificial grass mats (a table runner) and put all kinds of bugs in it for the children to find/look at.



    • Flower Potting Station – kids can pot and water their own pots using miniature gardening tools and tiny painted pots.  You can either purchase them pre-decorated, decorate them prior to the party with the kids name etc. or have each child decorate their own pots.
    • Decorate bug boxes (found at Dollarama) and go on a bug hunt.  You can also make your own bug jars out of simple Mason jars that can be painted and decorated.
    • Make your own bug paper weight, garden stone or house plant decoration
    • Nothing says bug party more than going on a bug hunt. Using plastic or rubber bugs hidden throughout your house or around outside (or even better yet...hunt for real bugs!). Send the kids on a bug hunt. Give each child a paper bag or bug catcher with their name on it.
    • Squish that BugEvery bug party needs some bug squishing. Attach a balloon by a piece of string (3 feet or so long) to the dominant leg of each partygoer. Define an area of play (a room or marked area of the yard). At the words "Squish that bug!" Each child tries to stomp on and pop everyone else's balloons (oops bugs). The last child with an un-stomped bug (un-popped balloon) wins. Have the kids decorate their balloons to look like bugs. Or try to pop your own bug with out using your hands in any way. First one to squish their bug (pop their balloon) wins. This works better for the little ones. 
    • How Many Bugs in the Jar?  Decorate and paint a ladybug on the lid of  a large glass jar and fill with black and red jelly beans. Take turns guessing how many beans are in the jar. The winner gets the jar filled with jelly beans! All other players receive a baby food jar with a red bows on top and filled with jelly beans.

    Goodie Bag Ideas

    • Butterfly Nets
    • Bug Catchers
    • Personalized sand pails (found for $1.00 each at Michael’s and easily customized with stickers) (nice one’s can be found at Micheal’s for about $2-3)
    • Magnifying see the bugs!
    • Bug books
    • Planting tools - trowel, bucket, watering can etc.


    •  Worms - hot dogs cut into slivers lengthwise and then boiled (they curl up) and piled on a plate
    • Bug blood for the hotdogs (green ketchup would be awesome!)
    • Bug guts in rolls (pizza rolls)
    • albino bugs (cheese strings cut in fourths with chow mein noodle legs, eyes, and antennae
    • caterpillars (puffed Cheetos)
    • Ants on a log - celeary stick with cheese whiz or cream cheese with raisens on top to lool like ants
    • bug juice with worm ice (green Kool Aid with gummy worms hanging out of  the ice).   
    • Place gummy flies or bug fruit snacks in an ice ring, with water and a few drops of green food coloring.  Add it to a punch bowl of lemonade and 7-up. 


    I love “bars” at parties!  Dessert Bar, Candy Bar, Popcorn Bar, Sundae bar...

    Dessert Bar

    Set up a dessert table with bug/garden themed treats such as gummy bugs, bug shaped chocolate ona stick, bug shaped sugar cookies, giant pixie sticks and a tower of baby-sized cupcakes - adorned with bugs!

    Talk a mini pail (found at dollarama) and the kids can fill it with all their sweet treats.



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