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Underwater the Sea/ Fish Party


Go exploring Under the Sea and start your party off with a splash!! 





Set the tone with great invitations!  Underwater invitations are so much fun to create because the skies the limit when it comes to all the bright and exciting colours you can use.


An example of an invitation could be a bottle with the invitation rolled up inside and some coloured sand at the bottom. For extra excitement add creatures and plastic sea animals (star fish, crabs, tropical fish, seahorses, lobsters, etc.) to the bottle.






  • Go with a color scheme of ‘water tones’ of blue and green, along with fun patterns like houndstooth, stripe and check.
  • Decorate your under the sea birthday party room with light and dark blue balloons - scatter all over the floor...looks great and fun for the kids too.  Or cover your ceiling with balloons!
  • Hang green "seaweed" streamers from the ceiling, chairs, or from the top of a windowsill. 
  • Cut out starfish, seahorses, and other sea animals from construction paper. Tape cutouts to some of the streamers. Or purchase an underwater sea mural for your walls
  • Cover the table with blue table cloth and cellophane to look like water or a light blue or white sheet.
  • Scatter gummi fish, sharks and blue candies all around the table.
  • Use the cake as a centerpiece.  
  • Fish bowls filled with blue aquarium rocks and plastic goldfish make for an adorable centerpiece idea. 
  • For an extra special underwater effect that everyone will love, pick up a bubble machine!  It will entertain the kids for hours!
  • Put blue and green light bulbs in her track lighting, making the effect underwater world more realistic
  • Use bubbles with custom labels on them for the prizes for the games we played.





  • Make sailor-style hats out of newspaper and have stickers and markers available for the kids to decorate and take home!
  • Have your party guests create and decorate their own small fishing tackle boxes. Any small cardboard box will do. Let the kids cut out paper sharks or star fish, or sea shells and put their name on their box.  And finally, let them go to go the "bait" store and fill their tackle box with snacks. (see below for bait store details)
  • Making Waves - You will need the following for this activity: cooking oil, glitter, confetti, a small plastic bottle for each guest, blue or green food coloring, rubber cement glue, & water. Using a funnel, fill each bottle half full of water. Add blue or green food coloring, and gently shake to mix. Next, use the funnel to fill the bottle almost to the top with oil. Point out how the oil floats above the water! Add confetti and glitter to decorate the liquid inside the bottle. When finished decorating, seal the lid on the bottle tightly with rubber cement. Allow the glue to dry. When the glue is dry, let the kids turn the bottles on their sides and gently tip them back and forth. Your guests will love playing with the waves they’ve created!
  • Octopus Tag - For this game, the birthday child begins as the Octopus in the middle of a large playing area. All other players are Fish, who must try to run past the Octopus to the other side of the playing area. If a Fish is tagged, he or she holds hands with the Octopus and become a tentacle to help tag more fish. The last Fish alive becomes the next Octopus.


  • Take red plates and add red lobster claws and two beady eyes
  • Fish Sandwiches: Use fish-shaped cookie cutter and a variety of fillings to create fun kid-sized sandwiches.
  • Beach Pail Sundae: Serve vanilla pudding, whip cream, and crushed Oreo cookies in beach pails.
  • Shark Punch - This refreshing drink has a surprise bite lurking just beneath the surface! A day before the party, make shark ice cubes by freezing bite-sized gummy shark candy (found at Bulk Barn) in ice cube trays filled with water and put in freezer. The candy will dissolve slightly while freezing, tinting the cubes a soft pastel color. Then, prepare blue Kool Aid according to package instructions. Pour the Kool Aid into a punch bowl and add 2 liters of ginger ale. When serving, place two or three shark cubes in a tall, clear glass for each child and fill with punch! 
Complete the party with an official Bait Shoppe!  A Candy Bar filled with all kinds of fish goodies such as blue whale gummies, lifesavers  and gold fish crackers.
Goodie Bags


  • Fill a small fish bowl (pet or craft store) with gummy sharks, stickers, fish squirt toy and bubbles. 


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